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Real Estate is not only the best and quickest way to make you wealthy, for the average person it is truly the only way. If you are interested in investing in real estate however do not want the hassle of searching, purchasing, repairing and reselling yourself, becoming a private invesment lender might be just what you are looking for. Let us handle all the ins and outs, as that is what we specialize in for over 25 years. Private investors that invest with us earn interest between 5-9% annually. Each loan is individually negotiated based on real estate LTV (loan to value) terms, the Loans are then secured by the real property with Short loan terms of 2-24 months. We invest in Southern California and Nevada, as well as Western Arizona real estate. If you are interested in finding out how you can start earning interest like this contact us here.

Recent Investment

This La Verne property was purchased as a fix & flip. The investor who invested in this property earned interest of 7.25%
Call Karen today if interested in becoming an investor with Karen Fulton Realty.

elmcrest,La Verne

After Remodel

elmcrest before

Before Remodel

Additional before after pics

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If you would like us to provide a no obligation offer on your property please contact us, or if not in a hurry we can list it to sell at a much lower commission than most other real estate firms, giving you more money in your pocket. Email Me